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木村 潤子 Junko Kimura
木村 潤子

The company name of BizArch is named after "Business Architecture". I founded BizArch to create business models for our clients and their needs.

Needless to say, the past business models can be a benchmark; however, the value will be generated from an original business design, which is architected considering clients'' assets and business environment.

The past success stories cannot be simply applied to other cases, since the business environment changes as time passes.

Then what is our approach? It is primitive - but, we are determined to find the best possible solution. We believe that ingenuity is the best approach to meet the clients' needs.

Our business is categorized into three areas:

  • Management services:building business strategies.
  • Financial services: practices of the corporate finance
  • Overseas strategies: building a strategic alliances with Japanese and multinational firms

EduArch, an affiliate specializing in the educational services, meets the requests from our corporate and individual clients, for example,

  • Management training
  • Preparation to enter the university and graduate schools, including MBA preparation
  • Foreign language training

As time goes on BizArch will evolve with our clients and diversify our services.
If you have any interests in our business, please feel free to contact us.


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